Clean-up & Improvement Project

Cleaning up De Anza Cove

De Anza Cove Clean Up & Improvement

It’s approved! On July 13, 2022, the California Coastal Commission approved the Coastal Development Permit (CDP) needed to move forward with the Short Term De Anza Clean-up and Improvement project.

This includes:

  • Asbestos abatement and the safe removal of 169 abandoned mobile homes at De Anza Cove.
  • Clean up of landscaping.
  • Repair and improve the bike/pedestrian trail opening up coastal access to the public.
  • Adding 150 interim campsites in the northwest corner by the golf course to Mission Bay RV Resort.

If you would like stay informed of the City’s master plan for Mission Bay and protect waterfront camping, please join Mission Bay for All.  It’s free.

Back in June 2019, the San Diego City Council approved the Short Term De Anza Cove Clean-up Project. Mission Bay RV Resort’s management remains committed to moving forward with this project.  We’ve been hoping to get started on this project ever since that day.  We are currently waiting to receive the permit from the Coastal Commissions along with new stipulations to begin our clean up project.

Project Goals:

1. Ensure a safer, healthier environment

Current Condition

After Improvements

By cleaning up and removing 169 abandoned mobile homes, many of which contain asbestos, we can ensure a safer, healthier environment. This cleanup effort is a win-win for both wildlife and people.

Current Condition

After Clean-up & Improvements

2. Renovate the existing pool & clubhouse

Current Condition


We have just completed the renovation and reopening of the De Anza pool and hot tub. We hope to open the clubhouse shortly.  

3. Open coastal bike and pedestrian paths

Current Condition


This effort will expand opportunities for the public to connect with nature. The existing bike paths will be repaired, expanding the 19 miles of Mission Bay Park pathways. This will enhance opportunities for people to enjoy this part of the Bay, improving connectivity throughout the entire park.

4. Add 147 interim campsites

Current Condition


This effort can increase the number of campsites for the public to enjoy affordable overnight accommodations. The campsites will utilize existing home spaces and utilities, efficiently repurposing existing infrastructure.

The project has received overwhelming support from city officials, community leaders, citizens, and visitors who care about making this beloved corner of Mission Bay safer, more accessible, and more environmentally secure.

Mission Bay RV Resort looks forward to continuing to work closely with the Coastal Commission staff to schedule a new hearing date as soon as possible. We are grateful for the overwhelming support we have received for the project from the public and supporters like Friends of Campland.

If you would like to support the De Anza Cove Cleanup Project and receive updates, including future plans, join us now!