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Resort Amenities

Relax & Enjoy the Amenities

Mission Bay RV Resort’s amenities include:

Our friendly staff will go out of their way to make sure you have an enjoyable stay. It’s our mission to provide family-friendly fun to all our San Diego campers.

Mission Bay RV swimming pool
Swimming Pool & Spa
Sports Court -Pickleball
Sports Court with Ping Pong, Pickleball and Basketball 1/2 court
clubhouse interior
Clubhouse with Lounge and Games
De Anza Cove public beach
Public Beach and Calm Lagoon for Recreation
mission bay golf course
De Anza Cove Park
mallard duck with babies

Campland on the Bay Amenities

Bridge to Campland
The Mike Gotch bridge is pedestrian and bicycle friendly, connecting Campland on the Bay and Mission Bay RV Resort. It's just a short jaunt over Rose Creek.

Mission Bay RV Resort guests are welcome to use the amenities and join the activities and events at nearby Campland on the Bay.  It is a 1/2 mile walk or bike ride going over the bridge from Mission Bay RV Resort to Campland.


South Resort Wi-Fi: For better results and signal in the South resort (especially inside some RVs that are made from metals and/or have materials in the shell that impact the signal), moving to a different location inside your RV or connecting your device outside your RV will help. Using a Wi-Fi extender or booster can also help bring the signal inside your RV. Trees can impact connection.

North Resort Wi-Fi: The North resort has a strong Wi-Fi signal that can support your favorite streaming services.

If you experience any issues with your Wi-Fi, or if issues continue, please call the Front Desk at (858) 270-3800 and we will assist.

Public Beach & Parking

PUBLIC BEACH AND PARKING.  All personal items such as pop-up canopies, chairs, beach umbrellas, tents, tables, chaises, inflatable toys, towels, or mats must be removed when not in use, and shall not be stored or staged/left overnight on the beach.

Campers may not use the public parking lot inside or outside the Resort near the beach and may be subject to towing by local traffic enforcement. Because the Resort is on the property leased from the City of San Diego within Mission Bay Park and is under the authority of the California Coastal Commission, those parking spaces can be used by the public, but not the RV Resort's campers.

Smoking and vaping are not allowed at the beach. 

Violation of the rules and regulations could result in eviction and/or cancellation of current and future reservations.