Important City Planning Meeting

The City of San Diego Planning Commission held a hearing to review the final environmental study on the De Anza Natural Plan.  Friends of Campland’s supporters were present at this meeting.  All the alternatives being considered reduce the number of campsites available in Mission Bay.  

What is at stake for Northeast Mission Bay:

  • Loss of campsites. The De Anza Natural Plan significantly reduces the acreage and amenities currently available for camping.
  • Loss of motorized water sports.  The plan contemplates eliminating motorized boating from De Anza Cove, directly impacting campers. The public boat ramp will be removed, and Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club will lose its current location.
  • Loss of Sporting Fields and Golf – The plan reduces acreage for youth athletics at a time when improved and expanded facilities are needed for a growing community. Let the City Planners know that you support the preservation of waterfront camping, motorized boating, and youth athletics.


The Planning Commission voted to approve the plan.  The next step will be the De Anza Natural Plan will go before the City’s Environmental Commission for approval.

Here’s an article by the San Diego Tribune recapping the meeting.

Campers were the most vocal opponents Thursday. One advocate likened the city’s plan to tearing down the Hotel del Coronado and replacing it with marshland.

And Jacob Gelfand, whose family owns the Campland on the Bay RV park that the proposal would eliminate, said it’s frustrating that camping will be so adversely affected, despite being listed as the highest priority in surveys of local residents.

“For families on a budget, this is the only game in town,” said Gelfand, noting that nightly campsite rentals remain less than $70.”